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Should College Athletes Be Paid For The Poor Or Middle...

According to the U.S census,there are 16 million college students and 71% end up in student loan debt;and that number has been increasing since 2012 and has combined to a total of 1.3 million dollars in student loan debt.Student loan debt has become a recurring issue over the years with students,presidential candidates,governments fighting for ways or not fighting for ways to implement new programs to make college cheaper but it has not been efficient in making college affordable for the poor or middle class. This is such an important topic for me and those 16 million students more than half of whom are struggling to pay off that student debt.This is why I believe that researching the overwhelming concern that there is not much support for both college athletes and academically excelled students,who struggle to pay for college because of how expensive it is and how little scholarships they receive despite their excellence is important to helping spread the need for change to help decrease student debt.High School athletes who decide to play sports at the collegiate level get the chance to go to college and play their sport while having their expenses covered entirely;despite this, it is an opportunity only given to very few students.Just like athletes struggle most colleges will not offer a full-time scholarship to students with higher academic success unless that student has higher than a 34 on the act or a grade point average higher than a 4.0,which is statisticallyShow MoreRelatedShould College Athletes Get Paid? Essay1184 Words   |  5 Pagesquestion is paid attention to by a lot of high school student athletes, but not only high school athletes but current college athletes. This question is maybe one of the reasons why a lot of college athletes leave college and go to the pros after just one year in college. The question is â€Å"should college athletes get paid?† A lot of people reading this right now have different opinions and views on this , and the question itself just pops. Well first I think college athletes getting paid would benefitRead MoreConflict Theory1217 Words   |  5 Pagesthat the powerful continue to monopolize power, privilege, and authority. You should note that most conflict theorists oppose this sort of coercion and favor a more equal social order. Some support a complete socioeconomic revolution to socialism (Marx), while others are more reformist, or perhaps do not see all social inequalities stemming from the capitalist system (they believe we could solve racial, gender, and class inequality without turning to socialism). However, many conflict theorists focusRead MoreUnited States Six Economic Social Classes1450 Words   |  6 Pagessocial class. A social class is any person or group of people with the same educational, social or economical status. Social class can be broken down into many different categories such as race, age, gender, economic status, educational status and many more. So cial class can be measured in many different ways such as financial status, family values, appearance, and demeanor. In America there are six main economical social classes which are the: Very poor, Poor, Working class, Middle class, UpperRead MoreAthletes Should Be Getting Paid for Playing in College2167 Words   |  9 Pagesâ€Å"payment† to reimburse athletes for the billions of dollars made by the NCAA every year? This issue of paying collegiate athletes, especially football and basketball players, has been around for many years. Athletes, students, bystanders, and NCAA analysts and authority figures have a strong opinion about paying college athletes. Whether college athletes should be paid or not is a debate topic that is more prevalent today than ever. Most student-athletes playing a sport in college are there on an athleticRead MoreSports : Athletes For Their Non Human Like Strength1670 Words   |  7 Pagesprofessional athletes for their non-human like strength, ability to succeed in their sport, and the hefty amount of money that they rake in each year. Americans place emphasis on sports all the way down to the college level. Sports are very important to the culture of America and play a large role in college acceptance, income, and the treatment of the athletes is taken into consideration by many. We praise these athletes for their talent through money and attendance. Though some athletes are able toRead MoreOvercoming Adversity678 Words   |  3 PagesI used to think that I was â€Å"all that.† In elementary school and middle school I didn’t have to work hard and was able to get good grades without putting forth a lot of effort. My personal philosophy was that if I worked hard in class during the school day, t hen when I got home from school, my time should be my own. I had been successful following this belief system for years, and then, I enrolled in AP World History (APWH) in the tenth grade. My experiences in APWH changed my entire outlook on myRead MoreShould Society Throw in the Towel on Boxing1053 Words   |  5 Pagesof their lives. Some say it shows the dark side of sport for younger generations and ties them up in a life of violence. The envious, middle-class working men would criticise some big-time boxers financial stabilities and the money used in boxing. On the other hand, people who have a better insight into boxing and know more about it, would disagree that it should be banned for many pivotal reasons. For example, boxing is organised, it has many regulations. Boxing can be used merely to keep peopleRead MoreThe Issue Of Social Class1904 Words   |  8 PagesSocial class is a â€Å"tag† to define your status in a community. One of the main requirements you must h ave to be in the Upper class, is to have wealth and power. That is basically it, and obviously the absence of those characteristics could mean you are in a Middle or even in the Lower class. Sports are an activity that people do for pleasure that requires physical activity and sometimes has rules for the players to follow in order to play the game. It is most commonly played outdoors. It can improveRead MoreCelebrities Extravagant Spending Styles1297 Words   |  5 Pageshabits, whether it’s what or how, celebrities’ use their money is ridiculous. Nonetheless I would change the way money is used my celebrities to better our economy and our people. Majority of the celebrities such as: rappers, singers, professional athletes, and actors, earnings are in the millions, while everyone else on the earth are making less than 6 figures. Some days in your life you have probably spent some quality time daydreaming of being wealthy and successful. These jobs are the highest payingRead MoreImportance of Sports2054 Words   |  9 Pagesrequirements for maintaining certain grades, for example. The purpose of this study is to examine the associations between  sports  team participation, physical activity, and academic outcomes in middle and high school students. Methods: Data were drawn from Project EAT (Eating Among Teens), a survey of middle and high school students (n = 4746). Students self-reported their weekly hours of physical activity,  sports  team participation, and academic letter grades. Two statistical models were considered:

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Research Hypotheses and Empirical Strategy - 527 Words

The preceding analysis of descriptive statistics points to a set of testable hypotheses. Hypothesis 1: The widespread in Kyrgyzstan marriage practices affects satisfaction of women with life as a whole as well as their satisfaction with a family life. Hypothesis 2: There exists an association between degree of freedom enjoyed by women in the process of family formation and levels of life satisfaction for women in the KR. Thus, the paper hypothesizes that marital practices has a significant impact on subjective well-being in Kyrgyzstan. The study begins by examining individual-level data from wave 2 of the Life in Kyrgyzstan (LIK) panel survey data over a period of three years (2010-2012). The wave 2 was chosen because the subjective well-being part of the individual questionnaire was first introduced completely only in 2011. In addition to information on life satisfaction, survey contains wide range of microeconomic data about respondents. As regards its empirical strategy, the paper follows the general idea of the Blanchflower and Oswald (2004) study which assumes that there exists a generalized reported well-being function: r = h (u(y, z, t) + e, where r is some self-reported number or levels on a satisfaction scale, u(†¦) is the person’s true well-being or utility, h(.) is a continuous non-differentiable function relating actual to reported well-being, y is real income. Z is a set of demographic and personal characteristics, t is a time period, and e is an error term.Show MoreRelatedStandardization in International Marketing Strategy Is Doomed to Failure: Literature Review and Methodological Critique1577 Words   |  7 PagesStandardization in International Marketing Strategy is doomed to failure: Literature review and methodological critique. The literature on standardization of international marketing strategy has rapidly increased in amount since Levitt (1983) suggested the main concept that business strategies and their influences on firm performance should be universal through national markets which are very much alike culturally, economically and politically, in spite of limited empirical evidence focused directly on thisRead MoreWhat Is The Relation Between Trust And Risk On The Use Of Social Media?1230 Words   |  5 PagesInstitutional support: This research was funded by â€Å"National  Natural Science Foundation of China† (pg. 41). Other support was received from Dalian University of Technology (Faculty of Management and Economics) and Stockholm University (Department of Computer and Systems Sciences). The explicit purpose of this research is the ability to understand how trust and risk are affecting individuals’ behaviors towards social media platforms, seeing that previous researches highlighted trust and risk to beRead MoreSES As A Moderator Essay1223 Words   |  5 PagesSES as a moderator Prior research on the effects of one’s SES on one’s well-being is well-established. A meta-analysis by Pinquart and Sà ¶rensen (2000) indicated that SES was associated with one’s subjective well-being. The rapid growth of economy has been leading to various forms of inequality. Income and welfare inequality has led to dissatisfaction, and many low SES working populations have stood out for various reasons, and mainly for increasing working conditions and benefits. Some examples wouldRead MoreChildren Effective Behavior Modifications 1045 Words   |  4 Pages2014). Punishment on children elicits polarising opinions from general public, legislators and researchers alike. Consequently, significant research has been conducted on punishment including corporal punishment (CP), its application and impacts. This review aims to provide selection of literature exploring its effectiveness as behaviour modification strategy in children. Punishment is effective if targ et behaviour has reduced (short term efficacy) and sustained (long term efficacy) with negligibleRead MoreTechnology1399 Words   |  6 PagesThen, according to Zahra (1996) article named Technology strategy and new venture performance: a study of corporate-sponsored and independent biotechnology ventures, the development of technology has given rise to many opportunities for enterprises in many ways. This article presents 10 hypotheses, and the author collects data from 112 new US Biotech Corp to test these hypotheses (Zahra, 1996). The original questionnaire was revised according to the feedback from 17 risk managers, and many respondentsRead MoreSelf Doubt And Well Being At Work1201 Words   |  5 Pagesdefensive pessimism, and negatively related to self-esteem (Oleson, Poehlmann, Yost, Lynch Arkin. 2000). With the emerging interests in self-doubt, researchers have also been investigating the effects of self-doubt on ones’ well-being. A prior research by Carroll, Arkin and Shade (2011) indicates that self-doubt negatively predicts career potential test score. Therefore, self-doubt might potentially lead to negative work outcomes. Self-doubt refers to the uncertain feeling of one’s abilities toRead MoreResearch Philosophy And Approaches On Research1251 Words   |  6 PagesResearch philosophy and approaches Defining a case study method indicates the problem and entails finding a solution to solve it. However, to answer the research questions it is vital to demonstrate deep consideration of the elements related to particular research design, and to show the ability to reflect upon research philosophy and approach to theory (Easterby-Smith et al., 2012; Eisendhardt, 1989). In business and management research a regular investigation not only leads to solving businessRead MoreBarack Obama`S Speech Analysis1148 Words   |  5 Pagesthis paper is to examine the strategies of President Barack Obama, and its ideological component, also why Barack Obama use exact words and how strong is the influence. The topic has been studied before by Juraj Horvath (2010),Jana Langrova(2010) and Junling Wang(2010).Therefore, the goal of the conducted research paper is to find out which of the political are used more often in the speech of Barack Obama, and what does it mean. The enabling objectives to get the research goal are the following: Read MoreBarack Obama`S Speech Analysis1162 Words   |  5 Pagesthis paper is to examine the strategies of President Barack Obama, and its ideological component, also why Barack Obama use exact words and how strong is the influence. The topic has been studied before by Juraj Horvath (2010),Jana Langrova(2010) and Junling Wang(2010) .Therefore, the goal of the conducted research paper is to find out which of the political are used more often in the speech of Barack Obama, and what does it mean. The enabling objectives to get the research goal are the following: Read MoreMarketing And Customer Strategy Management Essay1994 Words   |  8 PagesMarketing Customer Strategy Management Vol. 17, 3 / 4, 247–256 By: Dr.Judy Bayer Director of Advanced Business Practices for Teradata in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Dr Bayer taught marketing and modelling at the MBA, PhD and undergraduate levels at Carnegie Mellon University and New York University Correspondence: Judy Bayer Director Advanced Business Practices, Teradata Europe, Middle-East, Africa E-mail: Assignment of: Reviewing of Empirical study-based Articles:)

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Evidence Based Social Work Practice in Mental Health

Social Work practitioners every day interact with individuals who are challenged by personal, societal, environmental barriers to life, and in amidst this face inequities and injustice as part of life (Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers, 2011). It is the role of the social worker to use their therapeutic and facilitation skills to assess the clients risk and then work with the appropriate interventions in order to help promote social change for the individual and their family. Within social work practice a single definition for the term assessment is not clearly available given different perspectives and ideologies undergirding different social work disciplines (Crisp, Anderson, Orme, amp; Lister, 2005). The literature†¦show more content†¦Ideally assessment should be undertaken in collaboration with the whole family system including the action plan, unless of course a person is suffering or being caused harm by those within the family system. Assessment can be seen as part of the therapeutic process and part of the services offered. The National Occupational Standards in United Kingdom identified six key roles for social work practitioners with the top key role being one of assessment, in order to recommend a course of action (Walker amp; Beckett, 2011). Social workers daily work through an assessment to reach an understanding of the factors and forces within the person-in-environment that affect and maintain the issue of concern; and you identify strengths, competencies, and resources that could help in resolution†(Cournoyer, 2000, p. 234). This then allows for a rigorous working stage addressing support systems, areas for change, obstacles, the cost of change, assessment of risk and an exploration of strategies and interventions in order to achieve the goals according to an agreed time line. The use of assessment in social work practice is to enable the social worker to reach an early understanding that can â€Å"describe, explain, predict, evaluate, and prescribe or suggest interventive methods† (Parker amp; Bradley, 2003, p. 12). In the early stages of working with a client the social worker will use their interpersonal communication skills of buildingShow MoreRelatedSMART Goal SettingIssaiah WallaceChamberlain College of Essay1675 Words   |  7 PagesSMART Goal Setting Issaiah Wallace Chamberlain College of Nursing With 33 million Americans utilizing healthcare services as a means to manage mental health conditions and illnesses, adequate delivery of mental healthcare, treatment, and practice is becoming increasingly more important in the American landscape of wellness (SAMHSA, 2004a). The mental health system continues to be a challenging area of healthcare, due to: increased usage of coercion into treatment, diversity in care delivery systemsRead MoreProprietary Cost And Evidence Based Practices Essay959 Words   |  4 PagesProprietary Costs and Evidence Based Practices Summary Hennessy, K. D., Green-Hennessy, S. (2011). A review of mental health interventions in SAMHSA s national registry of evidence-based programs and practices. Psychiatric Services (Washington, D.C.), 62(3), 303-305. doi:10.1176/ps.62.3.pss6203_0303 Key Points ïÆ'Ëœ Of the 91 non-drug interventions assessed on the on the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices (NREPP) portion of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’sRead MoreThe Stepping Stone Of Theory1279 Words   |  6 Pagesof Theory in Social Work Social Workers use theory as a lens through which to understand interactions around them and in the lives of their clients. Theories are attempts to describe the interactions between individuals, families, organizations, policies, and social groups. In clinical social work, a theory is the basis with which one is able to assess problems and form treatment goals. In macro social work, a theory provides a framework with which one is able to understand and work to change policiesRead MoreThe Issue Of Providing Mental Health Services For Veterans Essay1252 Words   |  6 Pages641- Fall 2016 Assignment#2: Article Reviews Mary Marrone USC School of Social Work October 6, 2016 Course Instructor: Dr. Finney Key Points Both articles identify the issue of providing mental health services for veterans with an extra emphasis on those that served in Afghanistan and Iraq (OEF/OIF veterans). It is no surprise that returning veterans suffer from both visible/invisible (physical and mental) wounds. Most veterans have this â€Å"high† expectation that they are goingRead MoreMental Health Promotion, Prevention, And Intervention For Children And Youth1138 Words   |  5 PagesOpportunities in the Area of Mental Health Promotion, Prevention, and Intervention for Children and Youth. I first found this article through AJOT and I realized I had been given this issue through a family friend, so I referred to it from then on. This AJOT issue was from September/October of 2014. After reading through the article, I realized that there was an additional article with further information. There was a systematic review that occurred before the actual evidence based practice research. There isRead MoreClinical Nurse Leader Role in Psychiatric Department Essay1314 Words   |  6 Pagesa variety of health care resources (AACN, 2005). The CNL’s purpose is to aid in various departments of the health care system including the psychiatric department. Although there is continuous tension between medical care and psychiatric care and choosing which is more important for a patient, the Clinical Nurse Leader is intended to bridge the gap between the two. The goal in creating the position of Clinical Nurse Leader in inpatient psychiatric facilities is to reorient the health care systemRead MoreEssay on Changes to North Carolina Mental Health Systems 853 Words   |  4 Pagesdid the impetus for change seem to come from in this case? What was the significant of that implementation? The change occurred when North Carolina received a grant for their mental health systems to help them run more independently. State Auditor’s 2000 report Study of the State Psychiatric Hospitals and the Area Mental Health Programs, was the most important factor in helping these facilities. The State Auditor’s report was used as in attempt to put forth a blueprint for transforming the system.Read MoreThe Current Mental Health Policies Essay1662 Words   |  7 Pagesrelated to mental health are not only considered as personal but also affecting the relationships with significant others. The stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health can be traced to the lack of legislation and protection of rights (Rodriguez del Barrio et al., 2014). The policy makers in mental health have a challenging task to protect the rights of individuals as well as the public (Swigger Heinmiller, 2014). Therefore, it is essential to analyse the current mental health policiesRead MoreThe Essential Knowledge Of Social Workers1272 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is the most essential knowledge that social workers students must have to work effectively with families? The social work profession has always emphasized the importance of strong family functioning. When families are successful in meeting their goals, individuals and society as a whole thrive. Throughout the history of the profession, social workers in child welfare, child guidance and mental health have worked with families to ensure that children are safe from abuse and neglect, thatRead MoreWhat Constitutes Evidence For Physicians?1630 Words   |  7 PagesWhat constitutes evidence for nurses? What constitutes evidence for patients? What constitutes evidence for physicians? How are they the same or different? T he movement toward evidenced based healthcare has necessitated change in practice approaches and a broader understanding of what constitutes evidence for physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and consumers. There is a significant amount of literature published regarding this practice change in all clinical areas. Not all literature

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Competitive Strategy on KPMG Develop

Question: Discuss about the Competitive Strategy on KPMG Develop. Answer: Introduction This assignment will provide an understanding of the competitive strategies of two organizations to develop two key ideas for running the sustainable business operations. The first task discusses the key idea of strategy implementation of product differentiation and its application to the organization of Wal-Mart for attaining a sustainable competitive advantage. The second task will analyze the key idea of business model innovation and its application to the organization of Microsoft for creating the technological innovation to its operations, products and services (Kaiser and Ringlstetter, 2010). The strategy is a keyword that aligns the organizational mission, vision, and values with the achievement of the organizational goals and objectives. The key idea for this is the competitive strategy, Product Differentiation that will play an important role in the achievement of the organizational goals and objectives. The implementation of the differentiation strategy will be aimed at attaining a competitive edge in the industry by differentiating the products and services from the competitors brands or substitute products. The differentiation strategy will include different in the pricing, product quality and design, and uniqueness of the service level. The idea of the differentiation strategy will create the innovation and creativity in the products, services, and operations of the company (Martin, 2014). The product differentiation will deliver the high-end services and value-added products to the customers by using the highly advanced technological operations, integrated RD effo rts, innovation trends, modified manufacturing operations, and scientific and engineering tools. Application of differentiation strategy to the Organization of Wal-Mart Wal-Mart is one of the largest retailing food suppliers that implements the competitive strategy of differentiation for attaining a sustainable competitive edge by beating the competitors retailing foods items or substitutes retailing food brands. Wal-Mart has been operating its retailing foods business for more than 100 years because of its product differentiation strategy. The implementation of the product differentiation strategy aligns with the organization vision, mission statement, and values for directing toward the business goals, and objectives. It implements the differentiation strategy for its product line, retailing foods items to attain a sustainable competitive advantage in the global retailing foods industry. Wal-Mart is one of the worlds leading retailing foods stores for offering a wide range of e tretailing food items, such as breakfast items, coffee, candy gums, snacks, canned goods, beverages, baking, pasta noodles, and organic foods products of its own brands (Sl ide Share, 2015). Wal-Mart uses differentiation strategy for offering the retailing products of the original quality, unique taste, and high brand value for creating the high brand awareness and customer responsiveness. The retailing products of Wal-Mart are most popular among the people and demanded in the huge quantities by the customers from different geographic markets around the globe. Wal-Mart is the largest supplier for the retailing foods products in the world that implements the differentiation strategy for offering the valued and exclusive quality of the foods products with the core ideas of the high-quality contents and nutrients, freshness, tasteful, flavorful, and energy efficiency in its foods items for meeting the foods demands and preferences of the customers. The differentiation strategy is a part of the Porters generic strategy that provides Wal-Mart stores a framework to beat the competitors product (Wal-Mart, 2009). The product differentiation strategy of Wal-Mart is highly dependent on the technological breakthroughs and innovation through the advanced production technologies, optimized research and development efforts, scientific methods, engineering ideas, and modernization of the manufacturing operations that assist the firm to dominate in the foods retailing world. Along with this, the low cost pricing of Wal-Mart stores creates perception in the customers that causes for the stuck of the customers in self-reinforcing loop of Wal-Mart and keeps them to visit Wal-Mart stores and purchase the retailing foods items as per their needs. Key Idea- Business Model Innovation The Business model innovation (BMI) is an organizational process that drives significant changes in the product or services for meeting the changing customers needs and demands. The business model innovation enforces adaptive changes in the organizational operations, business processes, and products and services as per dynamic market conditions, growing environmental impact, and diverse customers needs. The business model innovation enhances the suitability, sustainability, and adaptability of the products and services to the customers needs and market demands. The business model innovation is aimed at creating values to its stakeholders by meeting their needs, interests, and expectations (Ovans, 2015). It drives innovation and creativity in the organizational operations, activities, and systems through the technological breakthroughs and dynamics, disruptive innovation, advanced RD efforts, engineering ideas, and scientific methods for running the sustainable business operations. Apply Business Model Innovation to the organization of Microsoft Microsoft Corporation is the worlds largest computer technology company that specializes in the computer software tools, operating systems, windows programs, and server applications. It uses Silicon Valley business model for driving innovation and creativity to its products and services. Because of the uniqueness, the products and services of Microsoft are well known among the people and highly demanded by the people for supporting their computer programs and software applications. Microsoft Inc. has worldwide presence due to its unique computer applications, operating systems, high-end technological service solutions, and value-added software products. Due to its high brand reputation, diversified product portfolio, and global market access, the products and services of Microsoft are accepted to the global customers (Skillicorn, 2014). It uses the Silicon Valley business model that is based on two core principles of innovation and creativity. This business model brings significant c hanges and innovation in the production technologies, manufacturing operations, RD, and business processes of the organization that assist the firm to offer the value-added and high-end technological service solution in the form of computer software applications, server applications, operating systems, and windows programs for in the use of the customers to support the functioning of the computers or laptops. The business model of Microsoft includes the business operations of developing, manufacturing, and licensing the computer software products and services including computer software programs, operating systems, server applications, business and consumer applications, and internet applications (Digital News Asia, 2016). The business model of Microsoft is focused on meeting the technological needs of the customers by providing them the high-end computer technological service solution. The business model of Microsoft includes product diversification, focused market segmentation, technological advancement and innovation, customer relationship management and digitalized service operations to enhance the global brand identity, product performance, and customer responsiveness around the world. Conclusion From the above discussions, it can be concluded that Wal-Mart is the largest American retailing foods selling firm that highly focuses on the product differentiation for delivering the effective customer service through offering the exclusive taste, original quality, and valued-added foods products. Microsoft is the market leader in the computer technological services and uses the disruptive innovation business model for building creativity and innovation to its products and services in order to offer the customers the high-end technological solution. References Digital News Asia (2016). Microsoft, KPMG develop IOT solutions for business model innovation. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 13 April 2017). Kaiser, S. and Ringlstetter, J. M. (2010) Strategic Management of Professional Service Firms: Theory and Practice. London: Springer Science Business Media. Martin (2014). Stand Out from the Crowd: Examples of Differentiation. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 13 April 2017). Ovans, A. (2015). What is a Business Model? [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 13 April 2017). Skillicorn, N. (2014). Microsoft Out-Innovates Apple, Google with Radical New Business Model. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 13 April 2017). Slide Share (2015). Business Strategy of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 13 April 2017). Wal-Mart (2009). The Business Strategy of Wal-Mart. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 13 April 2017).

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Stonehenge an Example of the Topic Arts Essays by

Stonehenge: A landmark for the human spirit and ingenuity Five thousand years ago, massive stones and lumber were moved, from different locations to one special ritualistic space, in order to form one of the greatest man-made structures in the world, Stonehenge (Jones, 2008). Stonehenge is located on the open downland of Salisbury Plain in Southern England. It is not a solitary structure, and it is made of earth, timber, and stone structures, which were believed to be remodeled over a period of more than 2000 years (Jones, 2008). Stonehenge reveals the tenacity of the human spirit and the ingenuity for an artistic enterprise that demands respect and admiration. Need essay sample on "Stonehenge: A landmark for the human spirit and ingenuity" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed Our Customers Frequently Tell EssayLab support: Who wants to write essay for me? Specialists advise: Buy An Essay Which Will Lead You To Your Academic Success Best Essay Writing Service College Papers Online Best Essay Writing Service Pay For Essay Cheap Stonehenge verifies the existence of the enduring human spirit. It is not easy to transport stones that are as long as ten to twenty feet and can weigh four to twenty-six tons (Jones, 2008; Fernie, 1994, p. 157). But like the ancient Egyptians who built the Great Pyramids and the Igorot tribe who formed the Sagada Rice Terraces, human beings all over the world will always find ways to surmount physical hindrances to their goals. Stonehenge is another reminder of the indomitable spirit of humanity in pursuing their goals in life. Stonehenge reveals the ingenuity for the arts, even for human beings who lived thousands of years ago. Fernie (1994) studied the source and kind of stone used in the third phase of constructing Stonehenge. He noted that the bluestones used in this phase were hard to obtain, because they came from the Marlborough Downs twenty-four miles away. Furthermore, these stones were three to four times harder to work on, compared to granite (p.157). Despite the difficulty of transporting and shaping these stones, they were most likely chosen for their physical characteristics and the kind of esteem they could give to Stonehenge (Fernie, 1994, p. 157). Thus, it is evident that humans have constantly had an eye for beauty and prestige, no matter how hard it can be to attain it. Stonehenge speaks volumes as a landmark for the human spirit and human creativity. It reveals that humans are unstoppable, when they have a mission. It further shows that humans put their hearts in the art they make. Stonehenge is an architectural feat that, up to now, truly deserves awe and appreciation. References Jones, D. (2008). New light on Stonehenge. Smithsonian, 39 (7). Retrieved from MasterFILE Premier. Fernie, E.C. (1994). Stonehenge as architecture. Art History, 17 (2), 147-159. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete.

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buy custom Direct-to Consumer Advertising essay

buy custom Direct-to Consumer Advertising essay Direct-to-consumer advertising (abbreviated as DTCA) refer to the promotion of the sales of the prescription drugs by increasing public awareness about the pharmaceutical products through magazine, internet, newspaper, and television marketing. Several pharmaceutical drug producing companies and their distribution outlets put much emphasis on the extensive use of DTCA as the only tool of marketing. In this quest, the pharmaceutical companies and their distribution outlets produce and widely distribute promotional materials such as videos, bronchures, outdoor exhibitions, branded pens, t-shirts, and attractive caps. According to the findings of a recent survey conducted by World Health Organization (WHO), pharmaceutical companies spend approximately 60% of their revenues towards direct-to-consumer advertising. There are several controversies surrounding DTCA in promotion of the prescription drugs to the patient groups and medical professionals. The pharmaceutical companies argue that direct advertising educates the general public about the availability and usefulness of the drug to their lives. Nevertheless, medical practitioners and other drug licensing and regulatory authorities denounce the practice on the ground that the practice would definitely expose the general public to the potential harm of the uncontrolled usage of the said prescription drugs. Even though DTCA is a common place in United States of America and New Zealand, the practice is prohibited in other parts of the world particularly across the continents of Europe and Australia. The reality of DTCA has sparked off a lot of uproar in the public domain. The proponents maintain that intensive advertisement of the prescription drugs to the general public is of great good to their health and that the duly created awareness guarantee improved medical care to the entire population. On the other hand, the critics insist that such DTCA is an outright abuse of the media to market pharmaceutical drugs through unscrupulous advertisements. The existence of these opposing arguments makes is very difficult to determine whether DTCA is truly an unethical or ethical practice in the medical field. This paper attempts therefore to investigate the morality of the DTCA in the modern world. 2.0 Merits Associated with DTCA The DTCA is a commonplace in the United States of America and New Zealand and the regulatory authorities controlling public consumption of the pharmaceutical products allow for the advertisements of the drugs in the said countries. Many pharmaceutical firms market their prescription drugs on the mass media such as magazines, newspapers, medical journals, leaflets, flyers, bronchures, and electronic media. The drug producing firms target paient groups and other category of healthy citizens in the advertisements. According to the claims of these drug producing companies, the popularization of the prescription drugs create awareness among the general public on the existence and availability of different drugs as well as the benefits of these drugs. The producers maintain that proper knowledge about these drugs will improve public health considering that masses of the population are fully informed about the drugs and the corresponding symptoms, diseases, and illnesses they treat. As such, the common citizens are relieved of the burden and exorbitant expenses involved in seeking clinical assistance from professional physicians. As a result, marketing of the prescription drugs reduces the costs of healthcare in the countries where they are in place. Considering the healthcare benefits people accrue from the DTCA, the question of whether the practice is ethical or unethical is out of place. The consequential approach supersedes just the mere virtue of denouncing the act based on the principle of morality. In this situation, the widely perceived immoral direct-to-consumer advertising is highly permissible and to larger extent deemed moral. The judgment is entirely based on the standards of rationality formulated by Kant commonly referred to as the imperative categorical. 3.0 Dangers Associated with the DTCA In another perspective, there are several dangers arising from the marketing and subsequent promotion of the prescription drugs through direct-to-consumer advertising- a phenomenon that has led to its disbandment in many parts of the world with an exception of New Zealand and United States of America. The prospective threats and dangers direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs pose to the general public outweighs the benefits by far. To begin with, most of the advertisings are attractive in nature but does not bear right information necessary for the safety of the general public (Agero Hanns, p. 123). In their 2007 medical journal, Impact of direct-to-consumer advertising to the public health, the two researchers observe that most of the pharmaceutical firms often lure the public to buy and consume their products without proper education on their safety. The authors lament the fact that the drug producing companies and their respective retail outlet/stores use attractive models and celebrities to lure the consumers into buying the drugs. As a result, the marketing strategy simply encourages people to increase their levels and frequency of drug consumption- an event that causes addiction, substance dependence and intoxication. In a separate count, Clarke is categorical that virtually alll drugs are made of synthetic and other natural products that are strongly poisonous in nature but the drug producing companies put their emphases on product branding, sales promotion and sales promotion rather than creating awareness on the potential harm of excessive drug use, consumer education and protection. It is a common observation that typically all direct-to-consumer advertising does not indicate any unpleasant side effects of the drugs or any kind of danger associated with its excessive use. Suffice it to say, the pharmaceutical companies have proven to be very irresponsible as far as consumer protection and drug safety are concerned. In facts and figures, incidences of deaths directly linked to ignorant use of prescription are on the rise from the year 2004. The medical experts largely attribute this trend to direct-to-consumer advertisings more so on the toxic drugs that require monitored clinical administration done by trained professional medical practitioners; average citizens without any background in clinical pharmacy would not fully understand the implications of drug use in human health hence they should not be targeted by the drugs producer in their sales promotion drives. To make matter worse, lack of an overseeing body to regulate the routine practices of the advertising in the pharmaceutical industries further aggravate the extent of loss of human lives across the world. Statistics from the 2004 Word Demographic Survey reveals that close to 1.89 deaths in the year 2004 was caused by irresponsible usage of prescription drugs across the world. 4.0 Is DTCA Ethical or Unethical? According to the regulations of the medical practice, it is unethical to advertise prescription drugs in the media. It is most notable that the primary motive behind direct-to-consumer advertising is the need to promote the consumption of a particular prescription through enticing and attractive mechanisms. The pharmaceutical firms, retail stores, and marketing agencies concentrate wholly on how to increase sales but adamantly neglect other aspects of public safety and consumer protection. Other claims that it helps reduce the cost of healthcare services to the public is inconsequential. Fully aware of that the main objective of the DTCA is to promote sales of drugs among the people by increasing levels of prescription drug use and consumption, the argument that that practice is beneficial to the entire civil population is very flimsy. DTCA is associated with neglect of public health safety, loss of human lives, miscarriages, incidences of intoxication, drug dependence and addiction. These undesirable elements of DTCA grossly violate the standards of rationality otherwise termed as Categorical Imperative. Buy custom Direct-to Consumer Advertising essay

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Jaguar Land Rover Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Jaguar Land Rover - Case Study Example Having said that different models of Jaguars are manufactured in different areas such as Birmingham, Liverpool and Solihull all in United Kingdom. Being the major wealth generator for UK there were 78 percent of Land Rovers exported to 169 countries and about 70 percent of Jaguars were exported to 63 countries and through importers and franchised dealers sales are being made. Around September of this year when Jaguar Land Rover stopped the operations in one of its two West Midlands plants but still committed to keep the Merseyside plant open. This would mean job losses will only happen to West Midlands. Reason being was to save money and not to create more jobs as the management is trying to avoid any redundancies. Hearing the news on one of the West Midlands plant closing came not a surprise to everyone as this was already anticipated several years back since opening 3 sites on current volume will really cause the Company lose some money due to below capacity operations. However, projections for 2010 chopping of another plant is a work in progress wherein one plant is seeing to shut mid-2010, either Birmingham or Solihull. Moreso, this is one way to cut the cost dramatically.